The Lia Fáil

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

I dread to think of the fate which awaits whoever did that to the Lia Fáil. This stuff used to be deadly fucking serious years ago, still is in some places. The Tuatha Dé Danann were to be respected, for your cows will be dry and there would be no butter in the churn. If you were lucky. The Bishops never managed to beat it out of us but money finished off the fairies in the end.

Green and red paint could suggest some sort of Mayo involvement. Though seeing as they are approaching the end of their own famous curse, I don’t believe vandals from the west are capable of desecrating the seat of the High King.

Wasn’t it tampering with a tomb that finished Sean Quinn.

According to these locals, it was the decision to move a megalithic burial tomb 20 years ago which led to…

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