The Dindshenchas of Brug na Bóinde, Boyne Valley, Co. Meath

Story Archaeology

The Metrical Dindshenchas, Volume 2

Poem 3, pp 19 – 25



The first Dindshenchas poem we looked at in this episode was the second of the poems on “Brug na Bóinde”, the Boyne Valley complex of Co. Meath which specifically centres on Newgrange.  We didn’t go through every stanza in the episode, since there were some for which we could find no further information.  If you know something about the characters, places or incidents mentioned, why not let us know by leaving a comment?

The English translation here is by Chris, and is more properly a translation of Gwynn’s English! It has been translated for readability, so occasionally leaves out a “cheville” (a stock phrase used to complete a line of poetry in accordance with the syllable count and rhyming scheme of a particular metre), where nothing much is added to the sense of the poem. …

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