Pagan, Buddhists, Panthiest, Hindu and more living in Ireland in 1911

Come Here To Me!

Following on from the posts looking at atheists and agnostics and foreign nationals in the 1911 census, I’ve found a number of unusual religions in Dublin in 1911:

Percy Oswald Reeves (40), a “Follower of the Buddha”, a single lodger from England living at 25.2 Kenilworth Square, Dublin 6. Reeves worked as a “Artist Craftsman and Teacher, Enamelling and Metal Work”.

Charles Peterson (60), a pipe maker from Riga, Lativa, living at 114 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6. He listed his religion as “Free Thinker” as did brother and fellow pipe maker John (45) and another relation and scholar Conrad (21). Petersons, who sell pipes, tobacco and cigars, are still in business to this day.

Coonoor Kinshnaswamy (22), a married “Hindu” from India working as a “Nurse to Small Boy” for the Watson family at 16.2 Sandycove Avenue, County Dublin.

Julius Shillman (53) a “Traveler” from Russia…

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